Jae Gu Song.Jae Gu is understood to be getting good-looking by many out of female from the story.

Jae Gu Song.Jae Gu is understood to be getting good-looking by many out of female from the story.

Jae Gu is the male protagonist of series. They are already a primary year scholar therefore the earliest men pupil to enroll on the Nutss Highest once it changed off getting a women-just institution so you can a beneficial co-ed place. He’s already competed in boxing because of the Moonlight Younger Lee.


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Jae Gu keeps short brownish shaded pink hair, that have a dirty edge which is prolonged in the middle however, less on sides and you may a great cowlick on top regarding his direct. He’s got higher gray vision and you will reasonable surface.

First Jae Gu appears slim and you can quicker than just their people members of the family, financial firms due to his bad pose just before him getting instructed of the ladies. As he progresses because of his knowledge, he seems taller along with his human anatomy becomes nicely toned.

Jae Gu means becoming good-looking by many from females regarding the tale in fact it is the object of several of his friends minds and you will wishes. Even if he himself is actually unacquainted with his appearance, it is listed by many people of your own lady protagonists you to definitely Jae Gu is really good looking.

He’s along with seen putting on his teal elephant undies. It looks like they are the only real of those he possess. The women see them most lovable.For the scenes as he was unclothed he is viewed wear breast recording.


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Early in the latest show, Jae Gu was portrayed since a student who would like to score by inside the instructional studies without having any dilemmas. He takes into account themselves to get poor from the football and assaulting, and you can relation themselves as the weakened and you can struggling to create numerous things.

Jae Gu can be illustrated since comically horrified from the steps ones up to him, generally resulting in him to full cover up otherwise end toward good their results this new drama that accompany in Wilds Large. Their decreased believe and lack of fortune compare within the good humorous styles having him getting idiolised from the Dal Dal Choi, Moonlight More youthful Lee and Queen. Even with their decreased believe, Jae Gu are demonstrated to has high possible just like the a beneficial combatant, getting considered to be having an excellent body type and you will mentality to to possess fighting.

Regardless of if he’s really the only men throughout the school, Jae Gu will objects so you’re able to being the topic out of desire contained in this his school. Aspiring to stop disagreement when you can, he stops playing any societies on the school. Being unable to fight when getting punched otherwise directed by the others, yet not shortly after they are encountered and you will ashamed because of the their middle school bully, his desire to include his friends increases after that in which he begins to spend his time and energy to learning how to battle of their family members.

Jae Gu at the start of the show have an anxiety and hatred to the ladies hence comes from their mommy abandoning him and his sisters a few years prior to the latest situations. He phone calls Queen a beast whenever she means for your so you can get brand new coins he’d given the girl http://www.datingmentor.org/bumble-review/ over a miscommunication and you may takes into account lots of the girls regarding the college once the fearsome distrusting them. As he will get family relations having King, Dal Dal and you can Moon Younger their distrust of females dissolves, yet not his mistrust and you will disgust more his moms procedures nonetheless continue to be solid.

It is shown whenever Jae Gu are impact sad otherwise alone you to view of their dad and recollections out of fishing create your feel great, indicating you to their father had an important part on upbringing away from Jae Gu before their dying.


Jae Gu angling together with his later father.

Whenever Jae Gu is actually young and you may before beginning from his sisters he went fishing together with his dad and you can is commonly bought frozen dessert. Their dad usually questioned Jae Gu throughout the his dreams and specifications and you may told him one to instead of ambitions a person has absolutely nothing to real time for, and should perform small requires on their own to meet.

A little while pursuing the birth from his siblings, Jae Gus father passed away out-of an as yet not known issues, devastating both Jae Gu with his mom. His mother not able to handle the increasing loss of her husband and also the management of three college students leftover the girl people trailing just making an apology letter. Jae Gu is actually kept to get truly the only protector out-of their sisters, taking on all aspects to be a protector and therefore in it bringing a part-time job to fund their family relationss bills.

Jae Gu becoming bullied because of the Kim Han Gyul inside secondary school.

Jae Gu when typing middle school try bullied by Kim Han Gyul who nicknamed your Servant Tune punching him, kicking your and and come up with him beat his shorts to humiliate Jae Gu and that broke the fresh soul and rely on of your own son.

Immediately following completing secondary school he was contacted because of the Charles Wilds which offered him an entire scholarship when the the guy went to Crazys Large; this he registered the college inside the a quote to find a real knowledge and you can upcoming to possess their siblings.