First bad experiences from the entry by itself because they failed to permit us to use the restroom ahead of the jacket sign in.

First bad experiences from the entry by itself because they failed to permit us to use the restroom ahead of the jacket sign in.

Females can’t make use of the restoom before they eliminate the jacket. They certainly were battery charging for coating check and dreaded that people would directly go to celebration without coating sign in. So they really generated that mandatory and don’t leave people move furthermore without coat check in and offered us difficult experience.

The spot was actually exceptionally full and A/C had not been working properly. Everybody was suffocating a large number. We were a sizable class and we all appreciation packed locations, it got just that they were maybe not equipped for dealing with huge crowd.

The DJ is below average. They advertised there had been DJ Bhav from mtv and dj ashwin one thing, nonetheless they weren’t from any mtv and starred TOTAL tunes without having any blending. Changing of songs/timing got dreadful. It actually was like the individual ended up being merely two fold hitting songs on windows media viewer. I would personally happen okay with that. Just don’t state within the advertisement you have top nyc DJ which can be from MTV.

The employees at lounge comprise polite. The drinks had been alright.

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This overview is just for lounge/disco and not for cafe once we didn’t take in at the cafe and did not have any food.

Overall, its a great room. Check out only if you will be with a good class. Try not to depend on the ambience/servers/music.

I shall perhaps not think twice to visit once again.

K Lounge- Tasteless, rip-off on doorway THE MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTER is WORKING A SCAM HERE!! particularly for this new party on Saturdays also known as Latin Saturdays. Once I also known as to ask regarding the outfit code the management Mohawn reported it actually was a relaxed outfit code and when i got eventually to the site my buddies could not get into simply because they comprise wanting to enforce this very strict dress rule that no-one understood about, including a girlfriend of mine who’d on dressy houses. Among my friends comprise visibly troubled that they failed to allowed about 15 of my pals but couldn’t state something and additionally they stated she perhaps not to arrive because “she looks like she has an attitude”. Normally some of the marketers connected with this party (Kirk, Tony T: Yomo) that are in addition from the party hunter websites. The worst culprit of those all got one black security safeguard with dreads whose inhale smelled awful along with these an unhealthy personality towards nearly all of the visitors. They energized many people 10 money getting in, other individuals are billed escort Irvine 25 bucks from the home and walk them upstairs, shell out the 10 cash on the cashier and pocket the 15 dollars higher for themselves- exactly what a scam and a rip down!! .

The pillows and seats they expect that stay or lay on are dirty with base prints and odd smells. The DJ played 80% Spanish tunes, no range. The greatest thing about the whole put got the 3 method mirror they’d in the bathroom and that’s unfortunate whenever a mirror will be the identify of your night. The crowd they run so hard to seem trendy and expensive were a lot of haphazard people, there clearly was no swag, flavor or real design inside audience, I found myself bored stiff to rips!

There were still men within with installed caps, t-shirts, and babes with flats during the party; they simply cherry chose just who they wanted to arrive based on race and just how a lot cash they thought they were able to make off your if you were hopeless sufficient to get in. They even manage a bottle ripoff and mentioned if you buy about 3-5 containers they’ll let you in in spite of how the clothed- their was one particular terrible screen of businesses I have previously observed. We went right here a year ago whenever it was still a good destination to end up being, the control (Marilyn ended up being a pleasure) while the promoters are simple and welcoming, and it also was still a great crowd. Today the marketers were ripoff musicians, raciest, deplorable customer support in addition to administration are incredibly amateurish and allow the promoters has cost-free reign how there site are ran and identified. We extremely advise your skip this place and head to Madame X, they’ve got the same red velvet decor and it’s exceedingly comfy as well as the doorway visitors and marketers will always a pleasure.

Response to the venues commentary below from Swettie: trust me these things in my overview are precise.